FRIDAY, DEC. 7: If you read the UBP’s 2007 ‘Secret Plan’ for yourself you will find it blatantly obvious that it simply is not a plan to hoodwink blacks into voting UBP under the OBA name.  Still, any lingering doubts should now be eliminated by Tuesday’s revelation that Michael Dunkley actually discussed the contents of the report in full via The Royal Gazette in 2009.

But not so for the PLP. Taking this reprehensible deception one step further into absurdity, they are now claiming that a cover up is taking place. Yes, a cover up... Something that could only make sense if you believe in things such as time travel.

This desperate attempt to fool black voters by demonizing white voters reminds me of a discussion I had several weeks ago. After reaching agreement that the PLP has squandered their opportunity to do something truly great for Bermuda over the last 14 years, I was asked, “If you can’t support the PLP, then what are you going to do? Are you going OBA, Trew? Where’s their platform?” Then I explained something that Somerset people can probably relate to: 

At least once you have had run to Hamilton Bus Terminal as if your life depended on it, and jumped on the bus just as the doors were closing. The bus heads up Church Street, down King Street and then cruises along East Broadway to Trimingham Hill roundabout.  But instead of going over the hill, the bus turns left up Point Finger Road. It’s at that point that you begin to worry that the bus is not going west. 

Still, you stay on the bus, because it might just be the number 7 instead of the 8. Big deal if you end up going South Shore instead of Middle Road, because there is still a chance that the bus will take you west. However, once that bus gets at the end of Point Finger Road and turns left instead of right, you know without question that the bus you are on is heading in the wrong direction.

No one stays on that bus to strategize the next step. You ring the bell and get off at the next stop, because you know without question that you are on the wrong bus.

Politically, the PLP turned left at Trimingham Hill in 2003 when Jennifer Smith was forcibly removed.

As we headed up Point Finger Road we had seen some signs that the bus was still heading west. But since the PLP resignations and call for Dr. Brown to step down were made in the summer of 2009, it was pretty clear that the bus was actually heading east.

And when you look at the highly-questionable history, character and ability, of several 2012 candidates, it is blatantly obvious that the PLP has turned left at the end of Point Finger Road. The leaking of the ‘Secret Plan’ is just another excellent reason to ring the bell.

Sure I’d love for the OBA to have released a full platform by now, but their mini plan is more than enough to expect that we’d make it as far as Barnes’ Corner.

And even if the OBA bus broke down at Astwood Park, that is an infinitely better option than ending up in St. George’s on a broken bus without enough gas to turn around.  More importantly, the PLP has taught us very well that it is one thing to create a platform, and quite another to have the ability and integrity to execute it.

Voters can choose to get caught up by allegations of secret plans and cover ups, or they can consider real issues such as Derrick Burgess’ resignation this summer.

Since 2003, the PLP’s leadership pattern has been for the deputy leader to rise to the position of Premier. Although Burgess resigned from Cabinet, he still remains Paula Cox’s Deputy.

So I must ask, does Bermuda need another Premier who retreats to racial rhetoric when hard questions are asked? Are you comfortable with Burgess claiming that the PAC report, is nothing more than a political ploy to score points against him and the PLP — even though the report was signed by a PLP MP? Are you comfortable that Burgess did not support the Premier’s recommendation that the BLDC’s Chairman and Deputy Chairman vacate their positions?  Are you comfortable with the $160,000 in consultancy fees not being paid back? Are you comfortable with the Premier still showing public support for Burgess and Bean? Not me! All of this gives me tremendous discomfort, so I’m getting off at the next stop.

 The moral of the story is that a party that seeks to breed racial mistrust two weeks prior to an election is one that cannot stand on its 14 year performance record or the calibre of its candidates. Claiming that the facts now before us are just a cover up only demonstrates that the PLP doesn’t think very much of the intelligence of black voters. The “cover up” only adds insult to injury, and further justifies why I’ll be voting OBA on December 17.