THURSDAY, DEC. 13: Today, The Progressive Labour Party asked why Craig Cannonier and Grant

Gibbons are hiding from the people?

A PLP spokesman said, "Craig Cannonier was offered the chance to appear alongside Premier Paula Cox on Let's Talk last night. He declined. He has repeatedly declined opportunities to appear on The Sherri Simmons show.

Dr. Grant Gibbons recently declined an education debate with Dame Jennifer Smith. Ms Nandi Davis has failed to respond to a debate challenge from PLP Constituency#2 candidate Renee Ming. What are they hiding?"

"When the OBA was asked questions about the secret plan that called for the use of "black surrogates" and called some of us "downscale" and "less educated," Mr. Cannonier stormed out of the room! If he can't answer questions now, how can we expect him to answer the tough questions if he becomes Premier of this country?"

"Now, the OBA refuses to answer questions about what their Cuts & Pain Commission is really all about. Who will be on it? What will be on the chopping block? In order for them to meet their promise to provide massive new spending and slash the debt, this commission will have to recommend deep and radical cuts that will hurt working and middle class Bermudians."  

"The Progressive Labour Party has held town halls all over Bermuda during this election campaign. All our candidates have had an opportunity to dialogue with the people of Bermuda. Conversely, the OBA has run a campaign based on scripts and expensive commercials, with no opportunity for exchange.  And when the media dared to ask Mr. Cannonier a question that was 'off-script', he stormed off the stage.

"What type of government will the OBA be if elected?  Will Mr. Cannonier avoid the media at any cost as he has done in this campaign?  Will their candidates be barred from participating on different shows?"

"It's telling that the OBA won't answer your questions. Because, they don't want you to know what they're really all about."