Marc Bean says the OBA lacks a clear ideology, while the PLP is redefining its own.  *File photo by Kageaki Smith
Marc Bean says the OBA lacks a clear ideology, while the PLP is redefining its own. *File photo by Kageaki Smith

The Opposition Leader claims Government is “hoodwinking” Bermudians through inconsistency in ideology and policies.

PLP leader Marc Bean said the OBA is “trying to be all things to all people” in order to win the electorate over. But this only led to broken promises.

Mr Bean said: “The OBA talks about how they are pro-business, but in order to appease the electorate they then pronounce ‘social and economic equality for all’. That’s as socialist a statement as you can find in politics. So when it comes to the OBA, it’s difficult to put a framework around their decision-making.

“When you have the chairman getting up, saying its (the OBA’s) ideal is to assure social and economic equality… They are trying to be all things to all people, and that makes them inconsistent.”

Mr Bean was referring to OBA chairman Thad Hollis’ remarks at the recent OBA annual conference, when he said: “We were founded to promote social and economic equality for all — leaving no one behind.”

The Opposition Leader said: “Political leadership needs consistency, in order to understand the purpose and intent behind decisions that are made. 

“But the OBA have a lack of ideology and sense of direction… In trying to appease and hoodwink the electorate into something they are not, this will only lead Bermudians to the wrong side (end) of the stick.”

He said: “The OBA, before the election, made a statement saying they would create 2,000 jobs, but knowing — if they have any business sense — (that)  Government can’t create jobs.”

In December the OBA made a pre-election pledge to create 2,000 jobs in the next five years. They will pander to people’s emotions, knowing they can not do this as a government,” said Mr Bean.

“This is why so many of the election promises have been broken. They can’t fulfill these promises to the people. 

“And when you have that kind of political leadership, it’s the people of Bermuda who suffer the most. We are pointing out some of the pitfalls they (the OBA) are walking into, but then the media says we are ‘nitpicking’.

“But their ideology is inconsistent. They put rhetoric out, and throw out numbers and stats that seem to be never questioned by the media, such as the figure that up to 8,000 people have left the island.”

Premier Craig Cannonier said up to 8,000 Bermudians and expats have left Bermuda, taking $150 million out of the annual economy.

Mr Bean said that as the OBA continues with a loose position in the political spectrum; in contrast, the PLP are moving forward in redefining themselves.

“We were considered a centre-left party but the PLP is becoming a more centrist party under my leadership,” he said. 

“I am for a free market philosophy, as I feel this best provides opportunity for everyone to raise the standard of living and social harmony.

“So, the party is moving closer to the centre of the political spectrum. We are refining it and will continue to do so.”