TUESDAY, DEC. 4: First, the One Bermuda Alliance has responded to the PLP’s “notice of continued interest in a debate.”

Second, today marks the 3rd or 4th press conference the Government has held on a report drafted five years ago for the United Bermuda Party. At the same time, we note the Government has not held a press conference on the need to grow jobs for Bermudians. It did hold one press conference on crime, which was dominated by news of drug charges against one of its candidates and also the National Security Minister’s statement that the Government did not yet have a gang mediation strategy in place – this after more than three years of gang warfare that has seen more than 70 people shot and 20 killed.

The five-year-old “secret” UBP report has nothing to do with the One Bermuda Alliance. The language reported in the report is offensive. And the language used by Mr. Roban questioning the character of OBA candidates is rich considering he was forced to resign from Cabinet just one year ago for questionable Planning approvals given to his colleagues Zane DeSilva and Wayne Furbert.  

For Mr. Roban to suggest the OBA is involved in a cover-up is also rich; this being a Government that “had to mislead” the people about the takedown of a Premier just days after her election and that brought the Uighurs to Bermuda in the dark of night.

So, this is where things stand: The Leader of the PLP Government and the now-defunct United Bermuda Party have joined forces to stop change. They are more concerned with holding on to power than addressing the basic needs of Bermudians. The OBA is committed to building a Bermuda based on social and economic equity for all. Clearly the PLP/UBP does not believe this is a priority.

Instead, it is desperate to distract public attention from its record and the fact that it is offering nothing to ease the hardships faced by Bermudians every day. The focus of the OBA in this campaign has been on the issues that matter most to people – like jobs, public safety, and great schools for great kids. After all, the OBA was founded to address the serious issues facing Bermuda today. That’s what we will continue to do going forward – keeping the  focus on the issues that impact the daily lives of Bermudians.