THURSDAY, DEC. 13: The PLP platform, released last week, has no plan to grow jobs.

Simply promising that the Government will grow “thousands of jobs”, as the Premier said, is not a plan.

The bitter reality in Bermuda today is that people are living the Government plan – with more than 10,000 Bermudians either unemployed or under-employed and nearly 40% of our young people (16-24) without a job.

By contrast, the One Bermuda Alliance has released a comprehensive Jobs and Economic Turnaround Plan to create 2,000 jobs and restore confidence and opportunity to our troubled economy.

The Plan was introduced to answer the number one concern of Bermudians today, which is an economy that is no longer working for them, and to underline our commitment to ending the hardships so many are experiencing.

The OBA decided to issue this statement because the Government needs to be challenged on the gap between their rhetoric and reality.

For example, in her platform roll-out statement, the Premier said her Government had “already demonstrated sound fiscal management and that “we know how to manage budgets in a prudent pre-growth manner.”

But is that true? 

The Government’s record over the last seven years says it has not managed budgets prudently. Government is now in its fifth straight year of deficit spending, meaning it spends more than it takes in and has borrowed more than a billion dollars to fill the gaps. That’s not prudent management in my books. What’s more, until the Premier took the reins as Finance Minister there had been no such deficits in Bermuda’s modern history

The Premier also promised “sweeping economic development” to restore jobs, without providing any details of what she means.  Bermudians want to know what their government is actually going to do to turn around the economy.  

Ending unemployment and under-employment is the biggest challenge in Bermuda today. The OBA has a plan to create 2000 jobs do just that. The current Government does not.