Many had high hopes of the dashingly handsome and tall son of the soil leading Bermuda in a direction that brought forth unity, transparency and collaboration.

Many felt that he actually had the ingredients to do so. The attention and economic backing of the upper class, combined with the hopes and aspirations of many middle and working class Bermudians.

It would seem to some that indeed a new day had dawned in Bermuda, and a “Billy Boy” from St David’s would lead us to social and economic utopia.

  Yet, alas, as quickly as utopian pipe dreams begin, they just as quickly dissipate in the vapors of vanity.

Where many believed Bermuda would finally see social and economic unity, we now see class division of epic proportions.

Where many truly believed Bermuda would finally see racial challenges pro-actively discussed, we now witness polarization rising.

Where many truly believe Bermuda would see 2,000 jobs created, we daily see the numbers of unemployed Bermudians growing.

Whilst many see all of these markers of failure increasing, they see a political party obsessed with the art of ‘Putting OBA First.

The details of JetGate and financial follies have been laid bare for all and sundry around the world to view. As one OBA MP has openly stated, “Bermuda’s reputation has been tarnished”.

Yet the OBA circle the wagons.

Alas, it is not the OBA leader alone who embraced the culture of ‘Person above party’ and ‘Party above country’. It is indeed the entire 19 MPs, five Senators and the party executive.

It is this culture that allowed the OBA to begin to be revealed as a party controlled by power- hungry local and international individuals. Whatever grassroots momentum it could and should have gained over the last 18 months, never gained traction.

Culture of foreigners first

This culture of ‘Foreigners first, OBA insiders second and then Bermudians’ permeates the political air we breathe.

Craig Cannonier was not only a victim of his own errors of judgement, but more so a consenting agent of those that enabled him, and turned a blind eye to questionable actions, because they were “getting while the getting was good”.

Not only did Premier Cannonier need to go, but there are a number of other ministers who need to step aside as well.

Yet the OBA circle the wagons.

 Most Bermudians are now asking themselves two main questions:

n Are there no persons within the OBA with enough of a moral compass,that can reform the OBA from the inside out?

n Is there no one within those pink walls who is willing to truly defend the principles that the OBA claimed that they stood for?

Barring true reform, and a rethink of how they carry out the people’s business, the OBA has done nothing but put on a contrived stage show to appear to be cleaning house.

This indeed is a day on which every person who voted for the OBA should ask themselves: ‘Do you truly believe that the OBA is Putting Bermudians First?’

Or are they simply Circling the wagons? In order for the OBA to repair their tarnished international image they must do a few things:

Remove Attorney General Marc Pettingill;

• Remove Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell;

• Allow for a full external investigation;

• Reinstate the gaming referendum.

The people of Bermuda demand nothing less than total transparency and will no longer accept the constant deflection and distractions from the OBA.

Anything short of that and they are only shuffling the deck and replacing one joker with another joker.

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