Michael Scott, Minister of Government Estates and Information Services. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Michael Scott, Minister of Government Estates and Information Services. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24: Madame Premier; Ministerial colleagues; Ladies and gentlemen of the Media :

Consistent  with   the  Budget Brand  for the 2012  2013  Budget  “Let  Us Build  One Another  Together  I am  pleased  and  excited  to  confirm   that as Minister of  Government Estates  and Information Services  our  continuing plan  to  deploy  the  considerable  assets  and the human capital of the ministry to  meet  two overarching  goals  of the  Government,   Firstly   the promotion of  social cohesion  in our  community  and the  second  that of  raising revenues  for the Government  coffers.

Under   the  social cohesion  aims   I  wish to  update   you  on the CISCO  Academy  progress,  and to  confirm  our readiness to launch  the CISCO Academy in June, the  important news  is  that the funding  for the designated  Instructor to  deliver  the  training  to Bermuda  entrants  is  falling into place  in a partnership  between  private sector  partners  and the Government.  Closely  aligned  with the CISCO Academy a  wonderful  IT  project  to  deliver  training  for  entrants  Who will emerge  with  CISCO  certifications  including CCNA  Certification.

The other  is an add on initiative  to CISCO namely  to  carry out  structural  upgrades  at  the  Prospect Depot‘s  trades  sections   including plumbing  carpenters  electrical  shops that will enhance  the Prospect  Government  Depot’s  ability   to offer  apprenticeships  to  young  apprentices through  Depot craftsmen  and tradesmen . Both  the CISCO Academy  and the Prospect Depot Apprenticeship  Initiatives  fit  neatly into  and  align  with the Ministry of Education’s  Career Paths  program  and the  Ministry of  Economy Trade and Industry’s  National Training Board  Programs.

Sale of properties  excess to  needs   of  the  Government    we anticipate   will raise  substantial  sums  for  the Government  coffers.

In  summary   it is  these  two  initiatives  when   strategically  deployed  will  support the  social cohesion  objectives  of Government and  to assist in  the revenue   raising  needs of the Government of Bermuda.

Thank you.