Respect: The conduct of students on the buses is becoming a concern in Bermuda. *MCT image
Respect: The conduct of students on the buses is becoming a concern in Bermuda. *MCT image

Travelling on Bermuda buses is renowned for being a pleasant experience, with passengers showing courtesy and consideration to one another.

But the island’s traditional bus etiquette seems to be slowly eroding among the younger generation.

Seldom do we see students offering their seats to a standing adult, or stepping aside to allow adults to board the bus ahead of them.

Over the years, the behaviour of students has also become a growing concern for the Department of Public Transportation (DPT), school principals, PTAs (Parent-Teacher Associations), parents and the travelling public. 

Although the concerns involve a minority of students, the negative feedback reflects on the entire community.

To the staff of the Department of Public Transportation, passenger safety and comfort are paramount.

Therefore, requests and directions by DPT employees should be taken seriously and adhered to.

Collectively, we have a responsibility to instill a sense of pride within our young people in the way in which they interact with others. As parents, grandparents, older siblings, aunts or uncles, we must educate and discuss with our children the importance of self-respect and in showing respect towards others and their personal belongings.

As we approach a new school year let’s discuss with our children the importance of being ambassadors, not only for their families, but also their schools and local communities.

Code of conduct:

Here is a guide to the expected conduct of passengers on public transportation in Bermuda.

  • Seats are for customers’ — not feet or belongings.
  • Be nice and offer seats to parents with small children.
  • When talking to others, please do not be loud or use abusive language.
  • Practice cellphone courtesy by setting ring tones to vibrate, using an ‘inside voice’ and avoiding putting the conversation on loudspeaker.
  • Use earphones or headphones for your listening pleasure; set on low.
  • Cooked or prepared foods don't mix with transit travel; take your meal home to eat.
  • No trash — please carry all your waste with you when exiting the bus.
  • Soliciting or loitering is not allowed at any Department of Public Transportation facility.
  • For safety do not run through the bus terminal area.
  • When boarding buses from platforms, form an orderly line and wait your turn.
  • Please do not rush the doors — allow disabled riders and senior citizens to board first.
  • No fighting.
  • Do not stand in front of the yellow line when the bus is in motion.
  • Do not position your arms or head out of the windows.
  • Do not throw objects out of bus windows.
  • Wait for the bus to pass before attempting to cross the street.

The conduct of DPT employees:

All DPT employees are expected to be professional and friendly. They are also expected to abide by the same standards as our passengers. 

If you have any questions or concerns about public transportation, contact the Department of Public Transportation at 292-3851, extension 2208. 

Provide the bus operator’s name, bus number and route, along with the time and date you were riding. Compliments or suggestions can also be submitted on this contact number.

Dan Simmons is the director of the Department of Public Transportation, Government of Bermuda.