Results: The X-Ray scanner at the docks has led to drug arrests. *File photo
Results: The X-Ray scanner at the docks has led to drug arrests. *File photo

FRIDAY, JANUARY 11: The OBA said they will be more accountable to the people of Bermuda. So let’s take a look at some of the things they must be held accountable for.

• Dunkley’s first blunder: Referring to the X-Ray scanner at Hamilton Docks he added: “I have been really disappointed with the way this programme has been handled by Government; all we have seen is delay after delay. The public do not know what is going on down there and the Bermudian public deserves better. We have wasted millions of dollars and seen no return yet. This has to be a priority and we will address it.”

Bermuda Sun, December 21

Less than two months since it went online, the new X-Ray scanner on the Hamilton docks has netted sizeable quantities of controlled drugs. While reluctant to discuss specifics, National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief confirmed that at least one major arrest was made last month. “The X-Ray machine is paying dividends,” said the Minister.“I will just say without going far that a recent arrest where eight people were arrested was due in great part to that X-Ray machine.”

Royal Gazette December 12

Does Minister Dunkley do any research before he talks?


• ‘We will Cut wasteful Government Spending’ — OBA campaign promise

 “It goes back to the fact that if we are expecting our people to sacrifice, we should also step in and be part of that same gesture“Bermuda is expected to tighten its belt and this is an opportunity to lead by example.”

— Craig Cannonier,  Bermuda Sun 1/4/2013

An OBA spokesman said: “Premier Cannonier will take up residence in Clifton, although the date for that move has not yet been set. The reason for the move is proximity to the Cabinet Office.

“With his home in St. George’s and the immense job facing the new Government, taking up to an hour a day driving to and from his St. George’s home to the office is not the best use of the Premier’s time.”

— Bermuda Sun, December 21 2013

Hmm... Distance from St George’s to Hamilton 10 miles or 20 miles round trip.

Fuel Consumption of Toyota Vehicle 25 mpg

Price per gallon approximately $10.

Round trip cost $10 per day or $4,000 per annum.

So please explain to us, how is it cheaper for us, the taxpayer to be paying the expenses of maintaining a full time residence; Belco, police security, maid, property maintenance etc. vs the Premier driving from St George’s  every day? Here is a hint — leave 30 minutes early and put the property up for rent to generate some funds for the Government.

Sacrifice, sir, sacrifice.


• A few questions with regard to the OBA’s Tourism Authourity;  why have a Tourism minister making $144,000.00, If he won’t have the final say?

What will happen to the staff of the Department of Tourism?


• Conscription. Will the OBA ban it and proceed with a professional army? Or will they, as Larry Marshall and BAD put it, “continue to discriminate against young black men?”


• Transparency. Will we now see PATI put into action so we can see exactly who exactly are gaining  government contracts?


• Social and Economic Equity. What does this mean for the electorate? And specifically for the black middle class the OBA targeted?


• ‘We will lower the cost of living’ — OBA campaign promise.

Okay, so when can we expect lower electricity bills and grocery bills?


• ‘We will cut the number of cabinet positions’ Craig Cannonier, Royal Gazette, November 4, 2011

OBA actually increased the number of cabinet ministers.

In the absence of transparency we only have these figures to work with.

Base pay of $160,000 per annum for Ministers

PLP: 11 paid cabinet members @ $152,000 (5% pay cut) = $1,672,000. per annum

OBA: 12 paid Cabinet members @ $144,000 (10% pay cut) = $1,720,000 per annum


• So Minister Leah Scott is being paid to do what exactly? Could not she have done the job of either Senator Brangman or Senator Fahy?


To summarize: Fellow Bermudians, hold these folks feet to the fire for every election promise they have made. They painted the island as being in such a crisis and gave the impression we should be seeing immediate social and economic change now that we have had political change.

We encourage you to hold them up to close scrutiny. This is your right. n


Eh! But I’ll never forget no way: they crucified Je-sus Christ;

I’ll never forget no way: they stole Marcus Garvey for rights.

I’ll never forget no way: they turned their back on Paul Bogle.

So don’t you forget (no way) your youth,

Who you are and where you stand in the struggle.

Bob Marley