THURSDAY, DEC. 13: Good morning members of the Press and welcome to this auspicious and historic occasion.

We, the independent candidates for the 2012 Parliamentary Elections, wish to underline our commitment to transcending the two-party system and promoting alternate visions for Bermuda politics.

We wish to make it abundantly clear that though you may see us here today as a group, we have no intention of forming a political party. We pledge that we should we be elected, we shall remain independent for the duration of our elected term and will not walk the floor to join a political party, though we do not rule out constructing a coalition to safeguard ourselves as independents or to form a government in the event of a stalemate or a very close result in this coming election.

In such an eventuality, we would continue to function as independents. We will not submit to any political party’s common political platform, constitution, Whip or leader and will express our individual points of view and vote our conscience on behalf of our constituents in the Bermuda Houses of Parliament.

Currently there are only two voices in the House of Assembly, the voice of the leader of the PLP and that of the leader of the OBA, as all the rest of the party MPS are tied to the message of their leaders through their party’s Whips. If even two independent MPs were elected we will have effectively doubled the number of voices in the House of Assembly.

Further, if one of the two parties were to require the support of independent MPs in order to form a Coalition Government, any independent MP’s voice becomes very powerful as the formation of a government may hinge upon their agreement. As a directly elected representative of their constituents this provides those constituents with the opportunity to really influence the future of Bermuda.

Given the possibility of a Coalition Government, let me put it to you that the question you may want to ask yourselves is not, “Why should I vote for an independent candidate?”, but is perhaps “Why wouldn’t I vote for an independent candidate!?!”

As the saying goes, “If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same result” - a vote for an Independent is a vote for change - real and meaningful change.

Please help us rescue our country from these divisive and polarised parties by voting for an independent candidate wherever you can!

We will stop at this juncture to give the Press the opportunity to question individual independents in respect of their platforms and perspectives on this historic occasion.

Thank you!