The schedule for the Hospitality Month culinary activities has been announced. 

The Bermuda Hospitality Institute is organizing a host of activities throughout April including Hospitality Trail Guides, behind the scenes tours and special promotions, incentives and contests. 

Each week throughout the month, a different area of the island will be promoted through a ‘Hospitality Trail’ guide, featuring Eco & Cultural Activities, Sites of Architectural and Historical Significance, Dining and Accommodations and Leisure Activities and Entertainment. 

“There are so many places that Bermudians and residents alike aren’t familiar with,” said Karla Lacey, Bermuda Hospitality Institute CEO. 

“The Hospitality Trail Guides were developed to encourage the community at large to get out and experience the Island through new eyes.” 

The first Hospitality Trail Guide covers ‘Central Areas and the City of Hamilton, with Tours, events and promotions taking place the week of April 1-7. April 8-14 focuses on the East End; April 15-21 focuses on the Shore & Sound; April 22-28 focuses on the West End. 

“There are opportunities in April to take part in activities that aren’t normally open to the general public,” said Lacey. 

“For example: being able to enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast at the Royal Palms Hotel, taking part in the Bermudian-style tea at Rosedon Hotel after participating in their respective tours on April 2 and 3 respectively.”

Numerous businesses, from water sports to restaurants and nightclubs, are offering discounts and specials to those who mention the Hospitality Trail. Anyone who completes it each week, can win prizes, including hotel stays and spa treatments. Copies of the City & Central Hospitality Trail at the following locations: Visitor Information Centre (Juice & Beans, Front Street); Department of Community & Cultural Affairs; City Hall; Bermuda Department of Tourism; and the Bermuda Hospitality Institute.

For more information visit Copies of the Trail Guides and further details can also be downloaded from the website.