Friday, November 2: Three more economic development zones are to be set up.

The new Economic Empowerment Zones (EEZs) will be created in Middleton and North Village, both Pembroke, and north west Hamilton.

In addition, the existing North East Hamilton zone will be expanded.

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Patrice Minors said: “Our aim is to build prosperous and successful neighbourhoods and we will target neighbourhoods most in need of assistance.”

Ms Minors added that legislation governing parish councils would be updated and new community councils would be created.

She said: “Through community councils, residents will have a vested interest in ensuring that their respective communities are clean, safe and, to the extent possible, that crime is lessened.

“Young people will be engaged in meaningful activities organised by the councils and opportunities for building mutual understanding and positive relationships between young people and seniors in the same community will increase.”