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The first in a new fleet of 10 buses will arrive in Bermuda just before Christmas.

The buses have been built in Portugal and will be shipped over from Antwerp in Belgium to New Jersey before they are brought to Bermuda, one-by-one, in the coming months.

The first bus is scheduled to leave Antwerp on December 4 and arrive in Hamilton on board
the Oleander on December 22.

The rest of the fleet are then expected to be brought on to the island in the New Year.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport told the Bermuda Sun: “The buses are coming separately due to production and shipping capacity and some are still being assembled.

“We are expecting the first bus to be shipped from Antwerp on December 4 to Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, then on to Bermuda for arrival December 22 if there are no interruptions of the ship transfer in New Jersey.”

The fact that the buses are coming in one-by-one is not expected to cost significantly more than shipping all the buses across the Atlantic and on to Bermuda together.

The arrival of the new fleet will come as a welcome relief to residents.

The island’s aging fleet of 112 buses has been plagued by breakdowns and technical problems in recent years.