Former Premier Ewart Brown urged young voters to head to the polls on Monday to return the Progressive Labour Party into government.

More than 500 Progressive Labour Party supports partied at a rally last night, hours before the general election.

The rally was held at the Berkeley Institute field from 7pm.

There were speeches by candidates and former premiers in a fun, party atmosphere.

Music was a large factor in the evening as the candidates favourite songs were played before they took the stage.

Owen Darrell served as the MC for the evening and helped to excite the crowd throughout the night.

Dr Brown took the stage at 9pm along with former premiers Dame Jennifer Smith and Alex Scott to much applause from the crowd.

He said: “When I was asked to come tonight, I wondered what would be the best thing for me to say.

“I asked a few people. I was told that there are some young people in Bermuda who have forgotten the history of the PLP. That they might not vote on Monday.

“Aside from that being a psychological problem, let’s talk.”

Dr Brown continued: “If you don’t vote or put the PLP back in power, you will be allowing people to write your history.

“That’s why they call is his story.”

The former premier also addressed the opposition party calling in the UBP instead of the OBA.

Dr Brown said he wasn’t out of touch, but maintained the opposition party was still the UBP.

“I’m going to come out and ask you to vote PLP.

“I come to ask you to put down the names of 20 young Bermudians under the age of 35 and make it your personal responsibility and see that they go to the polls on Monday.

“I urge you in the name of all those who we respect and adore that you come out on Monday and send a message that says you are not just moving forward but we are not finished yet.”