Joel Ferrier, Marketing Director, CellOne; Anne Mello, Chair, End-to-End Charitable Trust; Graham Pewter, CEO, Catlin Bermuda; Jonathan Howes, CEO, Bermuda Press (Holdings) Limited. *Photo supplied
Joel Ferrier, Marketing Director, CellOne; Anne Mello, Chair, End-to-End Charitable Trust; Graham Pewter, CEO, Catlin Bermuda; Jonathan Howes, CEO, Bermuda Press (Holdings) Limited. *Photo supplied

The Bermuda End-to-End Charitable Trust – the island’s largest and most inclusive charitable organisation – is launching its 27th annual event, with funds raised this year earmarked to support 10 local charities.

Brightly coloured brochures containing the 12-week training programme leading up to the May 3 island-wide fitness challenge will appear in mailboxes around the island this week.

The brochures, also downloadable from the event website, feature a day-by-day exercise plan that starts February 8, and includes six community event walks to get participants into top form. 

“The time to prepare for the 2014 Catlin End-to-End event is here,” says End-to-End chair Anne Mello.

“Our Get Ready, Get Fit training programme provides the right way to gear up to participate. We want all of our wonderful participants to be in great shape so they can enjoy the day.”

The role of the participants is, she added, “key to the success of our event.”

“As always, we need their help – and the people who sponsor them with pledges – to help raise the dollars needed to support 10 local charities this year.  The selected charities are helping children and families, seniors and adults in need, as well people dealing with medical or health issues.” 

For children and families, funds have been pledged to the Bermuda School of Music, the Centre Against Abuse, and the Family Centre.  To give educational support for adults, funds will go to The Adult Education Centre.  To help seniors, support will go to Westmeath Residential and Nursing Care Home and Meals on Wheels.  Funds will also go to St. John’s Ambulance, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Friends of Hospice, and Open Airways. 

The Catlin End-to-End event is organised by the Bermuda End-to-End Charitable Trust’s volunteer board, and is supported by numerous local sponsors and more than 2,600 individual participants. The event usually raises about $250,000 to give to charities.

The Catlin End-to-End’s mission is to be Bermuda’s premier annual charitable pledge event, committed to promoting the happiness and well-being of our island community through all-inclusive activities. 

End-to-End 2014 - Charities Supported


Adult Education School

Supporting scholarships for young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 who are learning outside the mainstream school system, who demonstrate financial need and who otherwise would not be able to access its literacy programmes and its GED programme.


Bermuda School of Music

Supporting the Every Kid Can! programme at Victor Scott Primary School: a music education initiative to teach every student to play the violin. The programme supports students’ self-esteem and confidence, and enriches reading and comprehension skills.

Centre Against Abuse

Supporting the Centre’s Safe House, the only facility on the island that offers shelter, safety and counselling for women and children who are the victims of domestic abuse.

The Family Centre

Supporting the Youth Development Zone, a pilot partnership with the Bermuda Police Service, Department of Youth and Sport, and the Economic Empowerment Zone office to strengthen services for young people in the North Hamilton area, a neighbourhood with a heavy gang presence and an at-risk youth population.

Friends of Hospice

Supporting weekly Day Hospice program at Agape House, which offers a variety of free services – including art therapy, pet therapy, massage therapy, meditation, and personalized meals – to hospice outpatients.

Meals on Wheels

Supporting home delivery of nourishing meal four days a week to approximately 200 persons who are house-bound, are unable to properly care for themselves, and lack adequate support from family or caregivers.

Multiple Sclerosis Society

Supporting a programme to raise awareness of and to assist with payment for new and existing medications for those suffering from MS in Bermuda.


Open Airways

Supporting the cost of a new “Azmobile,” a van used by Open Airways for travel to its Island-wide school Asthma Education Program, and to carry equipment necessary for optimal asthma care.


St. John’s Ambulance

Supporting the general operations of this organization, which provides medical and emergency transport at community and sporting events, and backup transport and personnel service to the hospital.

Westmeath Residential and Nursing Care Home

Supporting the purchase of additional security cameras to enhance the well-being of 63 seniors living in the facility, many of whom suffer from dementia.