TUESDAY, MARCH 13: Live images of Bermuda will be streamed to television audiences across the US under a new tourism initiative.

The images as well as the island’s weather information will be shown on the CBS Early Show.

Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert described the move as an ‘unprecedented opportunity’ worth millions of dollars.

He added: “Our Ministry is currently looking to partner with Bermuda Broadcasting to receive international exposure through CBS Network by depicting the Bermuda weather conditions daily during the CBS Early Show.

“CBS Network will display the name of Bermuda at the top of the National Weather map during the weather segments between 7am and 9am Eastern time. The graphic will also display the temperature.

“The Bermuda weather graphic will be carried on the National Network transmission which is carried by affiliates across the United States and via satellite around the world.

“Bermuda’s weather stats will scroll across the screen each morning alternating during the three weather segments.”

Mr Furbert said Bermuda Broadcasting would be paid $350,000, although he would not specify over what period of time this would take place.

He said the initiative would be up and running ‘as soon as possible’, but would not specify when.

The Tourism Minister added: “CBS will receive a live shot from specified locations in Bermuda.

“The live shots will be aired during segment breaks. CBS presenters and crew will travel to Bermuda to conduct a segment for the Early Show.

“This segment will be carried across the United States with all affiliates in all markets and will be seen via satellite around the world.

“The Bermuda Broadcasting Company will work with CBS to give CBS viewers a chance to win a trip to Bermuda.

“The terms of the contest will be shown during the live show and leveraged over the internet.”

Mr Furbert told the media that the locations where the live shots would be taken had not been chosen yet.