Marc Bean
Marc Bean

As the PLP learns from its general election defeat, it’s important not to shift blame but to take responsibility, says party leader Marc Bean.

The Progressive Labour Party’s annual conference is this week, it’s first since it lost the General Election in December 2012, after being in power for 14 years.

Mr Bean said the PLP have ‘Humbled themselves’ and have regrouped to become  a better party.

Mr Bean told the Bermuda Sun: “Three successive wins at the polls made a lot of people take things for granted, which is human. 

“The PLP is obviously just like any other organization, and the people rejected us.

“But instead of pointing fingers outside of ourselves, it’s important to look within. 

“We did do a lot of good things, but made a lot of errors as Government.”

Asked what those mistakes were, he said: “That’s debatable. People will say our fiscal policy, in terms of raising the debt; that it put Bermuda into a fiscal situation. 

“And there were some other stats we could learn from.

“But they are errors not exclusive to the PLP, especially when you look at the first 10 months of the OBA (government).

“It just recognizes that as parties, we are humans, and make mistakes.”

He said: “In making mistakes and errors, it’s important to learn from experience and not repeat them in the future.

“And it requires not having a mindset of denial and blaming others, and of taking responsibility.

“As a party we are learning.”

In his statement this week, Mr Bean also said: “We enter the 2013 PLP Conference a stronger, more unified and more focused party.”

He told the Sun: “We’re much more ordered and structured. For example, in the way we conduct our internal affairs and meetings; ensuring one voice speaks at one time.

“And we try to be focused on the issues of the day instead of descending into personal attacks and politics against each other; that is slowly being rectified.”

The party is now trying to win back support.

In his statement, Mr Bean said: “We are reconnecting with the people, our values, and promoting a new vision of economic and cultural empowerment.”

He told the Sun: “We will reconnect with the people by walking and touching base with them. We will also be working to help them to help themselves. 

“We have to get people to move away from a mindset of dependency (on Government).

“As a party we will reconnect by presenting a vision, by which people can see how they can be part of progress and the raising of the standards of living, to be passed onto their children and grandchildren. 

He added: “It’s not just having the desire to be an employee but to also be an employer.”