See them fighting for power 

But they know not the hour 

Through political strategy 

They keep us hungry 

And when you gonna get some food 

Your brother got to be your enemy

Bob Marley

Bermuda, I write to you today to forewarn you of the second coming of Bermuda INC. The government of the day is slowly marching our island into becoming a corporate town owned and operated by non-Bermudians with the aid and assistance of a few select Bermudians. Select Bermudians of every colour, so perhaps we can be relieved it is not about racial domination. 

Step One

“We will expand the voter base.” Please recall the removal of term limits by Senator Fahy, to allow non-Bermudians to attempt to stay here indefinitely. 

What is the long term goal of the OBA? Is it to rush through legislation in order to get non Bermudians the right to vote? And hence try to change the balance of voter dynamics? 

The logical fear of the OBA is that once working class and middle class Bermudians stick together in sufficient numbers they will forever vote PLP. 

That was the case in 1998, 2003 and 2007. Through the age old method of media divide and conquer they were able to scrape a 14 vote win in 2012.

 Logically, the OBA must bolster the numbers of their voters. 

Well, we know from census data that Bermudian birth rates are low. So the next logical step is to facilitate non-Bermudian “upper and business class “voters aligned to the OBA. Hence the Permanent Resident Certificate  (PRC) vote.

 Sir John said: “Status should be available for people who have made a significant contribution.” Bermuda Sun June 5, 2012

Step Two

In 2012 the vote for the Corporations of Hamilton and St George’s was given to the voting age residents of these areas. 

Bermudians who previously were excluded from voting , whilst others were given the centuries old “property vote”.

 May 2013, Senator Fahy strikes again, and is attempting to rush through legislation to allow business owners to vote in these elections. 

Essentially giving Hamilton businesses owners, in particular, the overwhelming numeric advantage over residents.

There are approximately 700 residents within the city limits, mostly North Hamilton aka “back of town areas.” 

They will now have to vote alongside every business owner in Hamilton. Now ask yourselves who owns most of the businesses within Hamilton? Any question as to how the vote will turn out? 

Bear in mind, currently the proposed waterfront development is in the hands of the present COH. Who do you think wants to take that from them? 

Step Three

The SAGE Commission has but one primary objective. To tell the OBA how to cut government costs. Whether it be jobs or services, it is a high chance the OBA will do exactly so. 

They will most likely take the path of privatization of many services such as; garbage collection, park maintenance, vehicle upkeep, heavy trucking, IT and postal services, etc. etc. These may be tendered out to their business colleagues to bid on.

In the merger of Logic and Northrock, nine persons were made redundant. So ask yourselves, if privatization occurs, do you expect these “savvy business owners”, to keep on all or any of the staff previously employed by government?

Or do you expect them to trim jobs to ensure their personal businesses make maximum profit?

Step Four

As we see with the recent “JetGate” scandal. The OBA is fully prepared to overlook ministerial codes of conduct, for business deals that they will not disclose to the people of Bermuda. 

The same people they promised “Openness and Transparency” How much more has been done, that has yet to come to light?

“Social and Economic equality?” 

Fellow Bermudians, the OBA , seemingly is no friend of the ordinary working or middle class Bermudians. 

They have proven as such with the recent action of cutting of water to persons in dockyard. 

Yet they gladly  and generously give their “friends and family”; Dale Jackson, Corey Butterfield, Donte Hunt and Louise Jackson, lucrative jobs totaling near $300,000.

How can they afford to give out consultancy jobs, but can’t afford to give children scholarships or let Bermudians have water? 

Yet they can afford to give part of a multi-million dollar contract for the Heritage Wharf project to the brother of an OBA executive. 

We’re not ignorant, I mean it,

And they just cannot touch us;

Through the powers of the Most-I 

We keep on surfacin’ 

Thru the powers of the Most-I 

We keep on survivin’.

Bob Marley

Ambush in the night 

Bermuda, see them for who they truly are, they are no government of the people, or for the people. They are what they have always been, One Business Alliance. 

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