Health matters to every one of us. We can deal with the world and its problems if we’re on an even course, our body in balance. We feel capable and in charge. So, why would any of us allow ourselves to be distracted from caring for it?

This edition of the Bermuda Sun’s Health Care Directory addresses a number of issues of interest to both the healthy and health-challenged populations.

If you’ve ever wondered about the necessity for a yearly physical, Dr Louise White of The Family Practice Group is here to advise you when and in what way you will benefit from such a consultation.

Rhonda Smith-Simmons of the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre discusses kidney disease and the decrease in the rate of disease progression made possible by early detection.

We profile Dr Annabel Fountain and how this Bermudian consultant diabetes specialist is working toward decreasing the number of diabetic amputations.

Cigarettes are a habit that smokers themselves love to hate. If you want to quit, read our article on Azure Medical Spa & Wellness Center’s Stop Smoking Cold Laser Therapy.

‘Doping’ is a very dangerous game. The Bermuda Sport Anti Doping Authority (BSADA) addresses performance-enhancing drugs in sport and the associated health risks.

Dr Jennifer Attride-Stirling, chief executive officer with the Bermuda Health Council (BHeC), compares the incidence of cancer rates in Bermuda with other countries.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and skipping meals form the basis for BHB outpatient dietitian, Hannah Simpson’s article on healthy eating.

The Bermuda Hospitals Board sketches a series of diagnostic imaging exams now available at KEMH, among them minimally invasive Stereotactic and Ultrasound guided Breast Biopsy.

Another recently introduced screening mechanism is KEMH’s ThinPrep Imaging System to detect cervical cancer.

‘Pressure Point’ is the hospital’s response to the need for classes where patients learn, for example, the importance of a balanced diet in the control of hypertension (high blood pressure).

Breastfeeding has long been known to offer benefits to growing infants, but now Alex Hasselkuss, accredited La Leche League Leader, tells us what role it plays in protecting the mother as well.

Daniel Morgan, physiotherapist with the Performance Rehab Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, discusses the benefits of physiotherapy following an injury.

And we offer a profile of the Lupus Association of Bermuda, in which its president, Margaret Wade, has a personal stake in disseminating information about the disease.

We hope that something you read in one or more of the articles helps you evaluate your course so that you maintain and enjoy your good health for a good long time.