MONDAY, AUGUST 6: Police arrested 22 people over the Cup Match Holiday and attended 15 road traffic collisions.

Officers dealt with eight burglaries, two robberies, 10 assaults and 12 cases of driving while impaired.

They were also called out to deal with two disturbances, two marine incidents and six stolen cycles.

A police spokesman thanked the public for their co-operation over the public holiday, which was described as ‘largely uneventful”.

The spokesman added: “Considering there were 12 major events that attracted thousands of people over a 4 day/five night period the Cup Match holiday was largely uneventful.

 “It should be noted there is still a small but persistent group of individuals who are intent of disrupting the quality of life we have come to know and expect in Bermuda.

 “We are acutely aware of this and we are committed to having these individuals arrested and put before the courts.”