National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief. *File photo
National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief. *File photo

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2: A timetable for the ending of conscription and a smaller, full-time Bermuda Regiment will be in place by next fall, National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief said today.

Mr Perinchief said: “The creation of a full-time Bermuda Regiment will capitalize on the existing nucleus of key professionals that are presently full-time employees.

“Ending conscription is a change in role for the Regiment that this Government will continue to devise in consultation with all affected parties.

“This is a change whose time has come and which forms part of a wider strategy to compliment the hard work of the police to strengthen the role of border control and to realise a more efficient means of keeping Bermuda safe.”

Earlier, Governor George Fergusson, who read the Throne Speech on behalf of Government, said that the Regiment had played an “integral” role in protecting Bermuda since it was formed in 1965.

He added: “The strength of the organization makes it ideally suited for modernisation and the Bermuda Regiment is uniquely qualified to manage change.”

He added: “The focus of a 21st century Bermuda Regiment will be on an enhanced maritime role, greater engagement in border control and increased operations with the other uniformed services.”