Dr Edmond Heatley, the Commissioner of Education. *File photo by Nicola Muirhead
Dr Edmond Heatley, the Commissioner of Education. *File photo by Nicola Muirhead

In response to recent media reports regarding Dr. Edmund Heatley, please note the embedded below on behalf of the Commissioner of Education. 

Today, Dr Edmond Heatley, the Commissioner of Education, made the following statement:

“I feel I should apologize for the last few days of press coverage. It is unfortunate the way this situation has played out in the media and cast a negative light on both my position and the good progress we are making in public education.

I can confirm that I am a finalist in a superintendent search in Orleans Parish.

This was not a proactive search by me; I was invited to apply and I did. I have not applied for any other jobs. My resume is not ‘out there.’ And frankly, I was also surprised that my name was announced publicly in open session, as a finalist by the search committee.

Back in December when I allowed my résumé to be put forward, there were a number of major, and from my perspective, unsettling changes within the Ministry. The PS had resigned, the Education Ministry had been merged with another Ministry and the Minister had been replaced. However, since then, I am pleased to report that I have built a very positive working relationship with the current PS and Minister.

I appreciate that there may be some who will question my commitment. These would be people who do not see me work every day and who do not understand what it takes to move an education system in a progressive direction. I remain committed to the students of Bermuda and I remain committed to improving the Bermuda education system.”