Open Letter to the Minister of National Security.

As a member of the Bermuda Community, I am asking the Minister to please hold a public meeting on Crime so that as a member of the public, I can receive information directly from the Minister on the plans that the Minister has in conjunction with the Governor and Bermuda Police Service to immediately address the levels of violent crime that is currently affecting our Island.

It is my wish that, with other members of our Island, we would like to have a planning discussion that would allow us to assist the Minister in making the plans as viable and effective as we possibly can. As a representative of the affected Bermuda Public, I would like to suggest that this be an open invite forum that will allow concerned members to provide their commitment and support of the Ministers plans.

The public of Bermuda is willing to support the Minister’s plans and will show this support in every and any means necessary, however we need to hear what we can do from the Minister and we would like the Minister to provide us with some guidance and direction.

I am aware that the Minister is well aware of the sentiments of the public and is doing his level best to combat the violent crime and seemingly regular murders that are occurring on our Island home. I as a Bermudian realize that at this time that the Minister needs the support of the country and this request is the forerunner of my pledged support.

Looking forward to your favorable response.

C. Anthony Francis

Devonshire, Bermuda