Dr Edmond Heatley *File photo
Dr Edmond Heatley *File photo

The Board of Education is not yet considering a permanent replacement for Dr Edmond Heatley, who resigned in early April.

The board, according to a spokesman, is currently “evaluating the search process that will be used to identify the broadest pool of applicants for the post….So, the board is not yet considering candidates at this time”.

Dr Lou Matthews is the acting Commissioner of Education. The post is statutory, prescribed under the Education Act, meaning a full-time replacement is required. Asked if Dr. Matthews would be considered as a full-time replacement for Dr Heatley, a spokesman said “it would be inappropriate to discuss any particular individuals at this time.”

Dr Heatley resigned after his pursuit of an educational post in New Orleans triggered a political firestorm. He had just started his tenure as commissioner last autumn and some politicians found his interest in another job suggested he was not committed to the students of Bermuda. 

Dr. Heatley, a former US Marine, had removed his name from consideration for the New Orleans job, but the pressure did not abate. Since he left the island, he is once again among the finalists for the very post that landed him in hot water here in Bermuda.

The board has not yet given a time frame for when it hopes to find a permanent replacement.

“The Board is cognizant of the importance of the CoE position and will take the necessary time to identify and recruit the best candidate,” said a spokeswoman. “We are, as stated above, at the beginning of the recruitment process.”