21 April 2010

Before the election the OBA went around “cap in hand” begging the civil servants of Bermuda to give them a chance. 

In no less than two full page adverts the OBA leader wrote: “Your jobs will be safe under an OBA Government.”


“Premier Craig Cannonier suggested a shift in Government’s position when he said he “can’t make any promises” on jobs.” RG, Nov 27, 2013

Does it seems the civil service were basically hoodwinked by the OBA? With recommendations of nearly 1,800 government jobs to be slashed, many Bermudians will be facing a reality of what a ‘right wing government’ is all about.

Jenny Craig time

There are many ways to achieve balance without sacrificing our brothers and sisters. Let us take a look at some ideas.

• Immediate reduction of the size of Cabinet from 13 ministers to 8 ministers saving approximately $250,000- $300,000 per annum;

• Reduction in the number of MPs from 36-30, savings of nearly $500,000 per year;

• Moving government offices out of privately owned buildings into government owned properties. Savings of $6-$13 million per annum;

• Examining the feasibility of moving toward “hybrid “pensions to ensure security of workers lifestyles upon retirement;

• The introduction of energy efficient solar panels on government owned or rented properties;

• The re-allocation and re-tooling of workers from departments that may be in need of downsizing eg post office.  Those who wish to learn new skills should be afforded opportunities to transfer to departments that may be understaffed;

• Cutting out water coolers and or government cell phones;

• Look for ways to create an environment within the civil service that promotes innovative thinking & encourages a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Privatization or piracy?

At one point in time, Bermuda’s economy was based on piracy and privateering. People would light fires on hills to miss-guide ships onto the rocks and then go out to plunder the ships. It seems as if this is what we are about to experience again.

The Lamb Foggo affair exposed that the OBA was not telling the full truth about the economic viability of the facility. It would appear as if they were in talks to privatize the facility for one of their “friends or family.”

Using that as a prime example, many have no illusion that the SAGE report is a method to transfer government goods, services and contracts into the hands of select OBA supporters. 

Ask yourselves who will be considered ‘the most qualified businesses’ that will pick up contracts such as; Landscaping, Road maintenance, Airport operations, Building maintenance, Postal services

Ask yourselves;

• Why has the OBA not put forth any ideas as to how to increase Governments tax income?

• Why are they not looking into ways to diversify the economy?

• Why might the OBA give out status?

• Will the OBA offer these businesses to Government employees and give them start-up money? Or will they give it to their Friends and Family?

Stand up for your rights

We encourage the civil service to find ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Let us all find a way to improve ourselves socially and economically. We stand with and for you. It is time for us all to evolve. 

As clearly shown last week, when the truth comes out, Bermudians must stand up. Otherwise the OBA/ SAGE will create Bermudian RAGE. 

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