Senator Michael Fahy, left, and rent commissioner Eugene Foley. *File photos
Senator Michael Fahy, left, and rent commissioner Eugene Foley. *File photos

Government plans on saving more than $320,000 a year by bringing the Rent Commissioner’s Office under the control of Consumer Affairs.

Senator Michael Fahy made the announcement this week. 

Mr Fahy said both rent commissioner Eugene Foley and the deputy rent commissioner planned on retiring this year.

Those two positions will not be replaced as the three other people in the Rent Commissioner’s office will come under the authority of Consumer Affairs or be transferred to other departments. That will save Government just over $223,000 per year.

Also, the Office of Consumer Affairs will move into the facilities of the Rent Commission, which will save an additional $87,000 per year.

The Department of Consumer Affairs lease has already expired and they had been on a month-to-month contract. 

Minister Fahy said in order to remain “consistent  with the SAGE recommendations, it was decided that the two most senior positions within the Rent Commissioner’s be abolished.”

Minister Fahy said the leaders from both Consumer Affairs and the Rent Commission “have been very supportive of the merger — understanding the long-term sustainability of the Government as the bigger picture”.

Phase One is expected to be completed by mid-March as Consumer Affairs moves into their new digs.

The two departments are expected to become one by the end of the summer. 

He added both offices “had small staffing complements (five in each office) and carried out very similar investigative functions. 

Mr Fahy added: “Although the $320,650.34 savings will by no means balance the books, I firmly believe that each little bit will contribute to the overall picture so our children will not have to be faced with a problem they did not cause.”