New Deputy Commissioner Paul Wright. *Photo supplied
New Deputy Commissioner Paul Wright. *Photo supplied

A new Deputy Commissioner has been appointed to the Bermuda Police Service.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Wright will begin work in his new role from next week. He will take over from the previous Deputy Commissioner, Mike Jackman, who retired in March. Mr Wright said he was ‘delighted’ to be selected for the position.

He added: “It is an important position in terms of guiding the Bermuda Police Service forwards, particularly in the areas of professional development for our personnel and improving our service to the community.

“The BPS is held in high regard by the public — more so now than at any time in my almost thirty years of service.

“Much of that success is the result of good strategy, good leadership and most importantly, the truly dedicated and capable staff who work in partnership with our community every day — all to make Bermuda safer. “ The appointment of Deputy Commissioner of Police is made by the Governor after consultation with the Public Service Commission.

Mr Wright has held a variety of uniformed and detective posts in the Bermuda Police Service with a particular emphasis on the Intelligence and Serious Crime areas of the force. For the past three years he has been responsible for community policing.

Governor George Fergusson said: “I am delighted that Mr Wright has accepted this role. He has served with distinction in the Bermuda Police Service for 29 years and has the confidence of his colleagues, among senior and junior officers. I have worked with him for the past two years and been impressed by his professionalism and commitment.”