Organizer Theo Derleth in action. *Photo supplied
Organizer Theo Derleth in action. *Photo supplied
As Bermuda prepares to host the World Pro-Am Championships it is already in line to host next year’s event.

The two-day international competition at the Fairmont Southampton on March 19-20 will feature 300 participants from 25 countries, including Bermuda’s own Kristina Amaro.

Organizer Theo Derleth said if the event was a success, Bermuda would likely be chosen a second time, along with the inclusion of a dance festival that could be staged here annually.

“With the response we have had from the community it would be perfect to bring it back to Bermuda,” Mr. Derleth said. Every two years we are required to take it to a different country but we would like to have an annual event there — a dance festival for a week or ten days, mixing different dance genres.”

Asked why he chose to bring the championships to Bermuda, he said: “We were looking for somewhere a little bit more exotic that would be a good calling for people around the world to visit. Last year we had it at Atlantis in the Bahamas and this year it was a choice between the Virgin Islands and Bermuda.”

Mr. Derleth said previous championships have attracted a thousand spectators and so it could boost tourism.

It is hoped the event will draw loyal followers to the competition, which has former Strictly Come Dancing star Brian Fortuna on the judging panel. “The Government has jumped on board and has said they want to be a part of it,” he said.

“Most of the hotels are empty in March so it would be good for tourism.

“We looked at countries that haven’t had a lot of world championships in their locations because we want to bring something new to that area — it can’t just be good for us, it has to be good for the country.”

Mr. Derleth said there would be international news media following the event and possibly the Bermuda Broadcasting Corporation.