Government admitted that work on Heritage Wharf is continuing around the clock to be ready for Norwegian Breakaway’s inaugural voyage to Bermuda.

Minister of Public Works Trevor Moniz said last week’s weather slowed progress but insisted the Wharf will be ready for the high-profile cruise ship’s arrival into Dockyard on Wednesday. He did, though, concede that ”we are pressing hard" to have structural work completed in time for the ships arrival.

The final pouring of concrete on the mooring structure will not take place until early this week, however, with Government explaining that while the southern breasting dolphin (mooring structure) is done, the northern dolphin remains a work in progress after the delays.

Minister Moniz said in a press release: “This week we have transported the precast beams to the wharf and set them in place, again we have been hampered by the weather with winds gusting in excess of 30 knots for two days and a lightning storm on Friday slowing progress.

“However despite the difficulties we have again been working into the night to make up for lost time.

“Hundreds of reinforcement rods have been fixed in place and concrete poured in both dolphins. Concrete forms were fixed in place by workers at the southern dolphin, starting at 4am on Friday, May 10. This phase was completed after the completion of the steel fixtures, two hours earlier at 2am. The workers have been making every effort, going the extra mile to ensure the Heritage Wharf Project is completed on schedule by Wednesday, May 15 and technical staff have been providing around the clock support.

The Minister added: “The Government Quarry staff have also helped out, supplying materials to the site when local commercial supplies have run low and Ministry of Public Works electricians have been working on site for the last few days making this a full team effort.”

He continued: “The northern dolphin is now the centre of our concentrated efforts. The piles are all concrete filled, the bottom mat of reinforcement placed and shutters made up.  We are pressing hard to have this structure completed in time for the ships arrival.”

Minister Moniz said that once the Breakaway has departed, the temporary works from the main wharf area will be removed and work will shift to the construction of the mooring dolphins.

 He said: “These dolphins are not as critical as the breasting dolphins and because they do not rest against the hull of the ship we are able to construct them during the cruise ship season. 

“We will of course be slightly restricted in our working practices not wishing the high noise activities to disturb the visitors, however this is simply a matter of managing our works accordingly.”

 Restrictions to motor vehicle traffic will be in effect at Heritage Wharf in Dockyard, on Wednesday from 7am to approximately 1pm.

There will be no vehicle access to the entrance to Heritage Wharf/Ground Transport Area and the only parking that will be permitted will be at the Clocktower Shopping Mall.