Well, here is another collection of random lighthearted thoughts for the week.

10% discount on groceries

Most female shoppers I have spoken to about this offer from the supermarkets are a bit sceptical. Many monitor prices of items on a weekly basis and see prices rises weekly on different items. So to say that they are jumping through the hoops would be a fat lie.

 Many of these smart ladies are wondering why the government just does not give a break on duty on certain staple items. That will ensure prices of items such as sugar, flour, water, rice and chicken.

In talking to some ladies they spoke of working at supermarkets and coming in on a Tuesday and marking up prices to allow for the Wednesday discount. Do you really believe you will be saving 10% more as of December 4, 2013? n

Am I sexist?

Before anyone jumps on my case to say this is not a light topic, let me say no, it is a very serious topic. However, let me bring it to the forefront in a light hearted matter.

As a man I really have had a rough learning curve trying to figure out what is sexist in the year 2013. I mean if I tell a lady her outfit is great, is that sexist? If I stare at the sights down at county game or Cup Match, am I being sexist?

It seems I need to go on sexist rehab course to know all of the things that make women feel uncomfortable. It would probably be full of fellow jerks like myself who grew up watching too much Archie Bunker.

Well I hope when I see God on Judgement day she forgives me. 

Tessanne Chin

Over the last month or so Bermuda along with the Caribbean has become fixated on watching the NBC Show The Voice. 

Primarily because of the Jamaican songstress Tessanne Chin (see column, facing page). Week after week she has blown away the competition with her voice range and more so her humility. NBC is slick though as they only allow persons based within the US to vote for the contestants.

But with a significant number of persons of Caribbean origin in the US, she has been voted for in large numbers. Besides, as we island folks know, she just simply has natural talent that cannot be matched. 

National Song

Recently some discussion has come up as to what should be our National Song. It seems it depends on who one speaks to as to what the answer will be. English folks will say God Save the Queen.  Older Bermudians will say Bermuda is another world. Younger folks will say Proud to be Bermudian.

As for me personally, I guess as someone stuck between being a Diddly Bop and a Grumpy Old Man I would say I sing both songs as my national song. I will never sing God Save the Queen as I do not support colonialism.

What’s do you think our National Song should be? 

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