Premier Craig Cannonier *File photo
Premier Craig Cannonier *File photo

An attorney took the unusual step this week of seeking out the Premier to air his concerns about an ongoing legal case.

Kamal Worrell arrived at the Cabinet Office in connection with a case involving his client Devaun Cox, according to Cabinet Office sources.

His frustration, in part, apparently stems from a delay in the case. But more specific concerns have proved harder to discern.

When asked, Mr Worrell declined to characterize the case as a miscarriage of justice. “That’s a legal term and I don’t want to use that,” he said. 

His client, Cox, was jailed last May for harassing a young girl on a bus in March 2012. An appeal is before the Supreme Court and as we reported on Wednesday, there has been confusion over the defendant’s pleas. 

“It’s an ongoing legal matter so I’m not sure I should comment on it,” Mr Worrell told us yesterday.

His attempt to convey his frustration to Premier Craig Cannonier was characterized as “inappropriate,” by the Premier’s press secretary Charmaine Burgess. Mr Worrell never met with Mr Cannonier, but the Premier’s Chief of Staff, Dale Jackson, did grant him an audience, as is customary for those who want to convey problems to the head of government. 

Mr Worrell said it was not his intent to ask the Premier to influence the outcome of the case. He also rejected the notion that his actions might have risked crossing the constitutional line that separates the judiciary from the government.