On the contrary: ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink’

Romans 12:20

oday I will take a slight departure from the norm. 

There is a saying on the streets — “real recognizes real” — which, simply put, gives credit where it is due when it is due. 

So today I wish to take a few minutes to give the OBA some credit where it is due. 

No, the world is not coming to an end and nor am I thinking of joining any OBA. 

But in these times in which we have the youths of Bermuda at war with each other, we ball and scream for them to stop the useless carnage and yet we ourselves commit the carnage politically with words or actions to hurt or destroy the other ‘gang’.

Today I will make mention of a few life experiences I have gained over the last two years of politics in Bermuda. Many OBA supporters are;

Simply trying to make ends meet;

• Worrying about how to educate their children;

• Hoping for a better economy;

• Saving towards their retirement;

• Looking for a job;

• Not supportive of racism or sexism;

• Wishing to see a more unified Bermuda.

Sounds identical to what most PLP supporters are focused on as well doesn’t it? 

Looks like we have more in common than we can imagine.

Additionally, I have met almost every OBA MP and Senator. 

Some are pretty cool people. Don’t get me wrong, I feel they support the wrong team, but they have some noble goals. 

I say all this to say that there are things I feel the PLP and OBA as political parties can actually work on together that would not take away from their support bases but rather enhance our country in ways we may never have seen before

Let’s look at the following community based issues:

• Parental support programmes;

• Neighbourhood clean-ups;

• National sports teams;

• Improving education levels;

• Cross-cultural events;

• Addressing sexism.

These are some areas both parties could actually sit down and jointly organize ways to endorse these things and show a united front as Bermudians.

Yes, I know it sounds odd coming from me. Yet in getting to know persons on both sides of the political divide, I know there are good people who have the best interests of Bermuda at heart.

The stumbling block is our 400 year civil war of black vs white, rich vs poor. 

At times we have to step away from the battlefield in order to sow the corn field. 

My fellow Bermudians —  let’s be frank with each other. The OBA is going nowhere and the PLP is going nowhere. 

Who is running the government can change on a 24-hour basis. 

There will never be a day I will vote for or support the OBA politically.  But every day that I awake I am a Bermudian. 

When it means working with other Bermudians to better our island, I have no hesitation to do so. 

I’m proud to Bermudian 24/7. 

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