Heard app
Heard app

Transform your phone into a time machine with Heard, an iPhone or Android app that can remember and record audio from up to five minutes ago.

Because most of the best things in life happen spontaneously, a lot of great moments are missed. Heard ensures that you will never miss anything worth recording again. This app allows you to retrospectively capture anything, from little things like the funny thing your coworker said to major life moments such as your baby’s first words.

As a free app, Heard functions by running quietly in the background and recording buffer zones in one-minute increments, which can be accessed and stored whenever you want. For two dollars, you can extend the buffer zone to five minutes into the past of stored audio.

There is no catch or negative effect to having the app running.  The app has been proven to have little to no impact on your battery life and overall phone lifetime, and you can still listen to music and other sounds on your phone as normal even with the app running.

Heard is definitely worth a look as a free app, and the in-app purchase option to increase the buffer time for five minutes may prove worth the two dollar investment. Get it in the app store or on Google Play.