Bermuda's Uyghurs yesterday gave fresh testimony of how they were bullied and abused in Guantanamo Bay.

Two of the Chinese Muslims bought here gave written statements that were read in front of top lawmakers in U.S. Congress. Khalil Mamut and Ablikim Turahum said American officials at the prison allowed them to be interrogated in private by agents acting for the Chinese government.

The Chinese agents locked them in solitary confinement for up to 20 days, with no blankets and the air-conditioning turned to maximum so that it was impossible to sleep. The agents also told the men their families in China would be hurt or killed, according to the testimonies.

Mr. Turahum told how in October 2002 he received a visit from two agents of the Chinese Government. He said: "They attempted to take my picture; however, I did not agree to this. They called for American soldiers and ordered them to hold me, so that my picture could be taken. The soldiers grabbed me, pulling my beard, pressing on my throat, twisting my hands behind my back, and as a result my picture was taken by force. The air conditioner in the room was placed on high, making the room very cold.

"I was left in this room for six hours. As a result of the room being so very cold, I felt somewhat frozen at times. After this six-hour period, I was placed in a isolation room that was made of metal, and measured 6 feet by eight feet. There I remained for 20 days in isolation.

"The room was so very cold, and dark. I was not able to see daylight, or any other person. During the 20 days, it was very difficult to sleep, because I was not given any blankets or sheets by which to cover myself in this isolation room. I spent those days suffering."

Premier Ewart Brown's decision to allow the Uyghurs asylum in Bermuda caused political and public outcry. However, Dr. Brown has stood by the decision, saying it was the only moral course of action on humanitarian grounds.

Mr. Mamut told the subcommittee he was also interviewed by two men. He said: "They abused me by telling me that they would take me by force when I returned to China, and that I would be beaten, and eventually killed. I informed them that I do not wish to go back to China.

"Then they became angrier, and they attempted to take my picture, I refused to allow them to do this. However, they were eventually able to take some pictures as I was shackled and chained. Then the two men ordered the American soldiers to take me to another room.

"Once I arrived at this new location, the air conditioning unit was turned on to full blast, and I was left in this room for seven straight hours. The room became extremely cold. In this room I once again had shackles on my feet, with my hand also chained. In the evening I was returned to my cell."

The evidence was read out in front of the subcommittee as part of Congress's continuing effort to resolve the fate of 13 other Uyghurs still held in Guantanamo Bay.

Jason Pinney, one of the lawyers acting for the Uyghurs told lawmakers America has repeatedly fallen for Chinese "propaganda" that the Uyghurs are terrorists.

He said: "Four of these Uyghurs are free men in Bermuda today. They are peaceful and law abiding - ask any Bermudian.

"But as unimaginable as it is to say, thirteen of their brothers - brave dissidents from the world's leading Communist power, long cleared by the American military, both the Bush and Obama administrations, and by the U.S. courts - remain prisoners of a propaganda machine that has beguiled two Presidents, the Congress, and the American people."