Come closer: Rohan Shastri, left, and Jamie Macmillan of Moongate Productions are pictured getting the technical stuff right for a photo shoot. *Photo supplied
Come closer: Rohan Shastri, left, and Jamie Macmillan of Moongate Productions are pictured getting the technical stuff right for a photo shoot. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18: In this difficult economic climate it is somewhat reassuring that the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well.

Two young Bermudian men, Jamie Macmillan and Rohan Shastri, have taken their passion for photography to the next level by creating their own company Moongate Photographic Productions Bermuda.

Both men studied photography, receiving their training in the UK. Mr Shastri is a graduate from the Photography programme at the University for the Creative Arts in England and Mr Macmillan completed his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Photography, Film and Digital Imaging at the University of Sunderland.

Both men see the photographic market on the island as full of potential. Weddings are the obvious example, especially as Bermuda is a wedding destination.

Their approach to photographing a wedding is somewhat different, as both men will cover the event.

“Our prices are competitive, even with two of us taking the pictures — almost two for the price of one,” Mr Shastri said.

We consult with the wedding couple first and find out what they require. Most want a mixture of the formal, the set pieces of a wedding, with more informal photos of the reception.”

“It’s a unique approach to weddings,” said Mr Macmillan, “By having two photographers we cover all of the journey of the bride and groom. It is a montage approach. We follow the bride: her hair make-up, and the groom. That is the sort of package you get with us.”

Moongate will cover almost any event on the island from small business conventions, school and prom occasions, theme events, portraits as well as contract work in the advertising area. They are also offering a Christmas portrait special.

Mr Shastri explained: “A lot of people like portraits done at their house or at the beach. Whatever people want we have the equipment, lighting, and so on to cover everything professionally.”

“ If you dress up for an event you want it captured in a certain way. People like a formal photo of themselves if they have gone to a lot of trouble to dress up nicely. But they also want the informal photos that explain the night.”

Although at the start of their careers both men have an interesting body of work behind them.

Mr Macmillan explained that his passion for photography began “with a documentary approach to Bermuda’s south shore beaches” at the early age of 14.

He spoke of his portfolio, in particular his conceptual series. “These images depict models in dramatic locations with surreal staging, bizarre props and intricate off-camera lighting. It is this raw creative aspect that appeals to me and is now being incorporated into my commercial work”.

Mr Macmillan has exhibited in various galleries in the UK and Bermuda and some of his clients include Saatchi and Saatchi, the Bermuda Sun, Total Marketing Group, The Courthouse and

He has also been capturing the intimate experiences of guests at Dolphin Quest where he was employed as senior photographer and productions department lead.

Rohan Shastri told the Bermuda Sun that he has been immersed in the world of advertising and photography from the age of 18 and has developed a passion for “innovative photographic approaches”, which draws on his diverse background.

Mr Shastri got the opportunity to work as the first assistant to fashion photographer Jochen Braun. “This work enabled me to travel around England and Europe learning the inner workings of editorial and high fashion photography.”

“After university I freelanced and was hired by London-based advertising company ‘th1ng’ travelling with them to the Middle East and across England. 

“My various roles included editing, operating camera, and even directing

“Later I got a big break as an on set producer with fashion production company JN productions where I worked alongside internationally renowned photographers including Alexis Armanet and models such as footballer Fernando Torres.”

Since returning to the island Mr Shastri has been sharing his skills as a photography teacher at the Bermuda National Gallery.

It was in June this year that the photographers decided to form a company.

With this kind of experience behind them they decided to pool their resources and transform their love of photography into a profession.

For further information contact Jamie Macmillan on 536-9843, Rohan Shastri on 300-5005. E-mail: or check out their website at and their Facebook page.