WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23: As part of their long term strategy for growth in the tourism sector the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce’s recently formed Tourism Division has identified a number of key issues requiring attention, among them the need for a centralized, national repository for tourism related information.    

Division Chair Peter Wilson explains further, “Our members and other key stakeholders have expressed concern and in some sectors genuine frustration, at the absence of a centralized portal for the gathering and distribution of tourism related information both for our visitors and industry partners. After considerable consultation with our information technology sector we have determined that in the absence of a national solution our industry partners should take an interim position and agree to use  as their primary resource for posting information about tourism related activities in Bermuda.”

Nothing to do in Bermuda?  is a web-based information solution, offering a comprehensive listing of activities taking place in Bermuda.  In addition to events being seen by thousands of locals and tourists on the website itself, Nothing to do in Bermuda? provides a weekly column to The Royal Gazette and also powers the This Week in Bermuda events calendar in their monthly publication. 

Most appealing about Nothing to do in Bermuda?  is the fact that the site has a dedicated resource for managing the collection and distribution of data on a daily basis. NTDIB editor Claire Hattie noted; “Nothing to do in Bermuda? is particularly well positioned to support  the tourism industry in an interim capacity because we already have an infrastructure in place to support the collection and distribution of information. I t is our hope that through collaboration with the Chamber’s Tourism Division, we can direct even more information and traffic to the site and in doing so become the number one resource for tourism related information.  With support from the Chamber it is hoped that going forward anyone staging an event in Bermuda will post their information on our site free of charge and in turn, concierge’s, Visitor Centres and others providing information to our visitors will use the site to keep up-to-date with current  activities.”

The Chamber is actively encouraging all of its members to post their community activities on the site and where applicable direct visitors from their own sites to Nothing to do in Bermuda?