David Dodwell *File photo
David Dodwell *File photo

The man tasked with turning around Bermuda’s tourism industry last night responded to a torrent of concern and criticism over the move to axe the Department of Tourism.

David Dodwell said the major shake-up, which will see a new Tourism Authority drive the way Bermuda is sold to visitors, is vital to the revival of the industry.

The move to dismantle the Department of Tourism and replace it with the Authority has sparked fears from civil servants that they will lose their jobs. 

And the way Government handled the announcement this week has drawn sharp criticism.

But speaking exclusively to the Bermuda Sun, Mr Dodwell said: “Change is never easy, but it is vital.”

The Chairman Designate of the Tourism Authority added: “We will be creating a brand new entity, with new responsibilities, a new vision and a new focus.

“That will require a new organization structure and new job functions.”

Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell says the transition to the Tourism Authority will not lead to job losses. He promised that no civil servants will be made redundant during the process, which is expected to be completed by the beginning of October.