David Dodwell
David Dodwell

The eight-strong team that will make up the Tourism Authority's board of directors was unveiled this afternoon.

The board, which is chaired by David Dodwell, has been tasked with revitalizing the island's tourism industry.

The new board is made up of two directors from overseas; Earl Graves and Allison Reid, as well as six local directors; Phil Barnett, Peter Everson, Jessica Mello, Paul Telford and Allison Towlson.

Mr Graves is president and CEO of Black Enterprise, while Ms Reid is the senior vice president of real estate of Starwood Hotels &Resorts.

Tourism Minister described the appointment of the Authority's new board as a 'watershed' for Bermuda's tourism industry.

He added: "This is an exciting day – the culmination of a promise the One Bermuda Alliance made more than two years ago that if elected to become the Government we would move to revitalize our tourism industry through a Tourism Authority that will function as an independent, private enterprise.

"I believe this is a watershed moment for Bermuda’s tourism industry and our last real opportunity to turn things around and restore our position as a desired premier destination."