David Dodwell, Chairman, Bermuda Tourism Authority
David Dodwell, Chairman, Bermuda Tourism Authority

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) today announces that, effective January 7, it is responsible for making decisions regarding the sponsorship of and/ or investment in any tourism related experiences in Bermuda from April 1, 2014. The decision-making responsibility was previously handled by Bermuda Department of Tourism.

There are two major classifications of investment: Tourism Experiences and Tourism Product Enhancement.  A Bermuda Tourism Experience is defined as a journey that visitors embark on that connects part of them to Bermuda, creates memories they will take away with them and that will encourage them to return. The BTA will support experiences that enhance the overall tourism product and/or raise awareness of Bermuda. Details on investment/support of Product Enhancement will be announced at a later date.

There are four categories in which funding may be provided:

Experiences only – on-island attractions or activities

Events – those that bring visitors to the Island or increase awareness

Media Programmes – those that connect Bermuda internationally to our prime markets through media exposure

Tourism Industry Services – provided by hotels and restaurants, travel agencies and tour operator services, tourist guide and other related services

Investment from the BTA is more likely if the proposed experience includes any of the following elements:

Unique experiences that connect visitors with the beauty of life that Bermuda has to offer

Attracts visitors to the Island travelling specifically for the experience

The experience or event includes a celebrity, sporting personality or prizewinning artist who in their own right are likely to attract media attention

The experience or event will likely cause an increase in the visitors’ length of stay and/or daily spend

Has multiple sources of funding

Has a provision of matching funds

The application is accompanied by a viable business plan

Is a unique experience, it cannot be found anywhere else in Bermuda or even internationally

Has wide support evidenced by letters

Is an experience that is in alignment with the Bermuda National Tourism Plan.

There will be an Experience Workshop on January 30 and 31 and it is highly recommended that anyone seeking investment support from Bermuda Tourism for experiences or events register. The purpose of the workshop is to present the new process and to assist applicants in applying for support. The workshop will explain the new application forms and the information required, as well as the timing of review and response. Applicants should use the workshop as a resource to add value to their business plan. Application forms and more information is available at http://bermudatourism.com/forms.

David Dodwell, Chairman, Bermuda Tourism Authority, says: “Our intent with this new process is to ensure our investment helps us to meet the tourism goals for the upcoming year, to guide experiences in the right direction and to ensure alignment with the National Tourism Plan. Priority for funding will be awarded to experience organisers who bring a substantial amount of international visitors to the island, increase awareness of Bermuda to our defined markets and/or increase visitor spend. We welcome applications and hope that our new investment guidelines will encourage people to develop new experiences for our visitors.”