You’re sneaking a peek at your Facebook page at work and see something interesting to read, but you’re not really supposed to be on the social media site.

Or you’re at home and duty calls and your spouse and children need you, pulling you away from your Aunt Jenny’s cat photos.

If you’re a person who has lots of Facebook friends or your memory is like a piece of Swiss cheese and you can’t remember too well, it might have been difficult finding items on Facebook later.

But several reports have cropped up on Wednesday stating Facebook is testing an app that will let you click on a story, photos or announcement in your newsfeed and save it later for viewing. 

Facebook is doing a beta test with users so it is currently only available to a very small percentage of users.

There has been no official announcement from the company so whether or not it gets rolled out to all users remains to be seen.

It does have some benefits if it does go completely public.

I know there are times I don’t have time to read or view something in the moment and the app would make in convenient to get caught up at a time of my choosing.