Rozy Azhar *Photo supplied
Rozy Azhar *Photo supplied

THURSDAY, JULY 5: Three Bermudians were promoted to senior civil servants, it was announced today.

Rozy Azhar, Randy Rochester and Ross Webber will serve at the highest level in the civil service, a press statement from the Cabinet Office said.

Ms Azhar has been appointed to the new post of Assistant Cabinet Secretary in the Cabinet Office.

Mr Rochester has been appointed permanent secretary in the Ministry of Public Works.

And Mr Webber is the new permanent secretary for the Minister of Business Development and Tourism.

Previously, Ms Azhar held the posts of Chief Immigration Officer and Assistant Chief Immigration Officer.

She was seconded to the Cabinet Office in December 2010 initially as Acting Permanent Secretary and then as Acting Assistant Cabinet Secretary.

At Cabinet Office, Ms Azhar was a member of the strategic transition team that was in place between December 2010 and September 2011.

Mr Rochester has a long and effective track record as a manager and director in the Civil Service.

During his career with Government over the past 11 years, he has held the posts of manager of technical services in the Transport Control Department (TCD), policy analyst in the Cabinet Office, and assistant director of the Department of Public Transportation just prior to being promoted to Director of TCD in March 2005.

In addition, Mr. Rochester has held a number of acting appointments as permanent secretary in various ministries including Public Works.

Mr Webber has come to government after working for years in the private sector.