LaVerne FurbertLaVerne Furbert
Junior Minister for Education, Youth Affairs & Community Development

Outspoken, often controversial but always a passionate advocate for the PLP, Laverne Furbert was perhaps the ‘surprise choice’ among the Senate announcements.

The Bermuda Industrial Union staffer didn’t feature in any of the pre-announcement predictions. Her loyalty to the PLP is unquestionable. She has been a party member for 40 years and stood for election as an MP in 2007. Now a grandmother of five, this is Ms Furbert’s first parliamentary position.

The appointment won’t go down well with everyone. Ms Furbert is a frequent caller on talk radio and occasional Bermuda Sun columnist who rarely holds back on her opinions. She is particularly outspoken about race relations and workers’ rights.

Supporters say she deserves more credit for helping Bermudians get a fairer deal in the workplace.

Premier Paula Cox said she wanted to “harness her energy and deepen her public service”.

David BurtDavid Burt
Junior Minister for Finance, Environment and Planning, Infrastructure Strategy, Chief of Staff

The former party chairman has been a key figure behind the scenes for the PLP for several years.

He was credited as a driving force in the 2007 election campaign — though some blamed him for the racial rhetoric used by some candidates in that race.

As party chairman he helped bring through reforms to ‘democratize’ the candidate selection process of the PLP.

At 31, Mr. Burt is the youngest parliamentarian in office. But his intellect, political savvy and credentials as a businessman have seen him rise quickly.

“He has a big future,” said Premier Paula Cox on Monday as she revealed that Mr Burt would be her Chief of Staff.

He’ll be a key political aide to the Premier as well as a spokesman in the Senate on Finance.

Cromwell Shakir
Junior Health & Works Minister

Mr. Shakir was born and raised in Friswells Hill, Pembroke, and is a veteran community activist.

His youth work earned him the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour in the 1999 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

A former Imam of the Masjid Muhammad, Bermuda’s mosque, he is known for having a balanced viewpoint.

Mr. Shakir is a presenter on the weekly Bermuda Broadcasting Company radio show ‘Cromwell and Guests’ for the past four years.

He has run a barber’s shop for almost 40 years — the Nu-Look Barber Shop in Union Square Mall, Hamilton.

Mr. Shakir is married to Zaheerah, with whom he has six children.