Adventurer: Polar explorer Pen Hadow climbs out of an ice floe after completing an open water crossing solo in the North Pole. He is one of the ten speakers at the upcoming TEDxBermuda conference. *Photo supplied
Adventurer: Polar explorer Pen Hadow climbs out of an ice floe after completing an open water crossing solo in the North Pole. He is one of the ten speakers at the upcoming TEDxBermuda conference. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30: Thrilling accounts from a polar explorer, predictions about the future of 3D printing and the ideas of a contemporary urban artist are just some of the things to look forward to in the upcoming TEDx Bermuda conference.

Speakers from around the world as well as local speakers, will share their areas of expertise in the idea sharing event that will be filmed internationally.

The first TEDx event took place in April and was an instant sell-out. TEDxBermuda is a local division of TED, a non-profit organization devoted to “ideas worth spreading.”

This year’s event takes place at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel on Saturday, October 15 from 12:30pm to 6pm.Early bird tickets are on sale for $70 until October 2 or $80 there after from

Here is the list of participants for this year's event:

Lawrence Sass — associate professor at MIT’s Department of Architecture:

An architectural researcher exploring an emerging field known as digital design and fabrication, Sass will present the Next Revolution in Building Design and Production and his belief that all buildings will be printed with machines run by computers. His research focuses on design fabrication using computer modelling and prototyping as representational tools in the design process, as opposed to paper drawings.

Mike Ramsdell — documentary filmmaker:

Ramsell formed a production company after graduating from the North Carolina School of the Arts with the goal of creating films that inform and advance the collective conscience such as his award-winning The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue for Hope. He is currently in development on the cable series War Photographers. See
Twitter: @Mike_Ramsdell

Pen Hadow — polar explorer:

Hadow shot to international fame in 2003 when he become the first person to trek solo, without outside assistance, from Canada to the North Geographic Pole. Within months, he went on to become the only Briton to have trekked, without assistance, to both the North and South Poles. He continues his work building on his special relationship with the polar regions and has become a leading exponent on the need for change. Visit

Joy T. Barnum —Bermudian vocalist and songwriter:

Barnum has a culturally diverse background that is reflected in the range of her musical tastes. Ask her who she is and she will tell you the story of her Native American grandmother, the flight of her parents from strife torn Honduras as her sister prepared to enter the world, and living in close proximity to the Mexican border in California. Visit

Jeffrey Masters — co-founder of The Weather Underground:

Masters will discuss what kind of $10 billion plus weather-related disasters we can expect in the coming years, with an emphasis on failure of the Old River Control Structure and a severe geomagnetic storm. Since much grain travels major rivers, a shutdown of barge traffic could trigger a huge spike in global food prices and larger global unrest. See Twitter: @wunderground

Larry Mills —Bermudian builder:

Mills has been very interested and involved with local architecture and history since the 1970s, serving as a member of the Historic Buildings Advisory Committee for more than seven years. He will discuss Bermudian Vernacular Architecture and how it evolved over 400 years from the unique environment of a small, subtropical island.

Tony Ruto — CTO of Within Technologies Ltd:

Ruto will discuss Designing on the fringe: Exploring the design freedoms offered by 3D printing. He will show how he’s defying the limitations in the way everyday products are designed with 3D printing, making it possible to manufacture designs previously deemed impossible with traditional manufacturing methods. Visit

Ryan Legassicke — Contemporary Canadian Artist:

Legassicke’s current work examines contemporary urban cities and makes connections between our shared aesthetic experience and the idea that we are becoming progressively more disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the places that we inhabit. This has involved working with traces of architecture and domestic objects that have become obsolete or no longer needed. Visit

Dickson Despommier — Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia University:

He has spent thirty-eight years as a professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Microbiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health where he won the Best Teacher award six times. He will present “Vertical Farming” as a potential solution to feeding the world in the 21st century amidst a pending food crisis, a topic on which he’s recently written a book. Dickson has addressed audiences at leading universities including Harvard and MIT, and he has been invited to speak at the United Nations and by governments around the world to help with their environmental problems.

See Twitter: @VFDoctor.

For more information on all the speakers visit