Families who turn to the Department of Child and Family Services aren’t all about gloom and doom.

Director Alfred Maybury, speaking before the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Violence and Gun Crime yesterday, said it’s only a small minority of families who are “out of control”.

He added: “I don’t see it all as gloom and doom because several of the young people we work with are making great strides.

“Under normal circumstances, everyone would expect that because a child comes into contact with the department, it’s all downhill but we’re now seeing families making some changes and it has a ripple effect. Once families in the neighbourhoods see the changes in the family, they start asking questions of that family and ask ‘where did you go to get help’.”

Mr. Maybury continued: “There are families who are making great strides. We’re seeing some good success in a lot of families.

“Where we used to have a revolving door of generations, we’re seeing these cycles starting to break.

Making strides

“Where there’s a sector of the community that’s out of control, there’s a larger sector of the community who are making strides.”

He explained that his department works with many government and non-governmental agencies to ensure that families get everything they need.

“It boils down to the financial side of things. Most organisations prefer government to give them a blank cheque.

“We have taken the position that we’re only going to pay for the services that we receive.

“Every child or family that we refer, we ensure there is a plan that’s very specific from that agency and that’s what we pay for.”