The Premier,  the Hon. L. Craig Cannonier, JP,  MP addressed a crowded room of over 115 Bermudian students and residents last night at the annual Bermuda Networking event held at the Intercontinental Westminister London hotel, which was organized by the Bermuda Government’s London Office.

As this was the first time the attendees had the opportunity to meet the Premier, the vision of the OBA government was articulated to the crowd , that being 'Social and Economic Equity for Everyone, leaving no one behind by having  1) An affordable Bermuda, 2)  Paying Jobs for Bermudians, 3)Safe neighbourhoods and 4) great schools for great students. 

The Premier told the group that the government had been busy assessing  passing legislation to move the country in the right direction to realize the vision.  He stated that the time for looking backwards and playing party politics had come to an end and that they could be instrumental in the success of Bermuda by honing their craft, sharing their expertise with the world and thereby highlighting Bermuda on a global level.  

Premier Cannonier said “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the group. Some came  from as far away as Luxembourg to attend the event. They were hungry hear from the government and to equally share their views and ideas for making Bermuda a better place.  I’m very encouraged and proud.   We’ve got a great group of passionate Bermudians who represent us on all levels outside of the island. “