WEDNESDAY, APR. 11: The semi finals of the league cup playoff were played last week. Spanish Point Boat Club2 upset Watford Sports Club1 4 – 2.

Veteran Ed Gumbs won the first game for SPBC2 against Ray DeSilva 56-29.

Chris Dakin would continue the winning streak by defeating Maurice Hawkins 53-43. Stewart Greenslade and Steven Bremar battled it out and split a game each in the double frame games.

Greenslade would win the first game 70-28 and Bremar won the second game 87-10.

Bremar also had highest breaks of 24 and 27. This would put SPBC2 up three games to Watford’s two. Watford would need to win the doubles game in order to tie and have a chance to advance to the finals.

But SPBC2 would put an end to that hope by winning the doubles game which saw team mates Gumbs/Denis Coyle defeat DeSilva/Hawkins 58-52.

Queen’s Club1 advanced to the finals by clean sweeping four straight games from Queen’s Club2. Kat Wilson won her game against Greg Swinbourne 65-40 giving Queen’s Club1 an early start.

Mike Zimmerman moved another step closer by defeating Rick Dorush 65-35 and to close the night Karl Wilson won his two games 74-26 & 67-63 against John Nicol.

Queen’s Club1 and Spanish Point Boat Club2 will play in the League Cup Finals on Wednesday, April 11 at Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club starting at 7:30pm.

Bremar and Wilson advance to Bermuda Open Finals

The semi finals were played earlier this week and in the first match saw defending Bermuda Open Singles Champion Steven Bremar cruise to victory over Aaron bean.

In a race to three games Bremar took early control.

The final scores for the night:

  • Game 1: Bremar 61, Bean 32.
  • Game 2: Bremar 64, Bean 24.
  • Game 3: Bremar 59, Bean 20

In the second semi final match Karl Wilson defeated Keith Smith 3 games to 1.

Wilson took an early start by winning the first game. Smith would fight back to take the second game.

Wilson then captured the third and fourth games to advance to the finals.

The final scores:

  • Game 1, Wilson 63, Smith 21.
  • Game 2: Wilson 36, Smith 49.
  • Game 3: Wilson 67, Smith 43.
  • Game 4: Wilson 54, Smith 33.

The Bermuda Open Singles Championship finals is scheduled for Saturday, April 14 at Spanish Point Boat Club. Starting at 7pm.