Please be advised that, due to significant feedback received this weekend regarding delays to the June Social Insurance HSBC online direct deposit pension payments, the Department of Social Insurance (DOSI) offered the following.

The Department stressed that the affected HSBC pension payments were direct deposits only. Payments were successfully made for those receiving physical cheques.

A Department spokesperson said, "We always emphasise the core value of providing excellent customer service to the public and the Department deeply regrets the gravity of inconveniences experienced by our affected pensioners, particularly over this holiday weekend.

"The Department wishes to advise that online direct deposit pension payments for HSBC customers will be paid after 12 noon on Tuesday, June 17, 2014."

The Department clarified that the issue stems from an internal delay from the Department with its automatic pensioner file upload to the bank.

The spokesperson continued, "This is an unfortunate first for the Department and our monthly payments to our pensioners have been very consistent over the years. However automatic systems in place with the bank effecting a next day value of Monday, June 16th could not be reversed back to Friday, June 13th.

"We wish to thank HSBC in their attempts to work with us to reach a viable solution. Once again, the Department sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused."