Kershun Dublin
Kershun Dublin
A smuggler who tried to flood Bermuda with drugs and guns has been jailed for 13 years.

Kershun Dublin was behind an underground operation to smuggle four guns, ammunition and $25,000 worth of cannabis to the island in April 2008.

The 25-year-old was caught after a sniffer dog found the stash in a toolbox that had been mailed to Bermuda.

Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves said: "This is a case in which four lethal weapons were imported in to this country.

"It would have taken the imagination of superman and his X-ray vision to have discovered this kind of operation.

"This is the kind of operation which must scare every individual who has a true interest in this community.

"Had it not been for the extra greed resulting in the concealment of cannabis and the nosiness of the drugs dog that detected the cannabis - we can take it that these guns and ammunition would have successfully entered the community and perhaps the carnage we now see may have been greater."

During Dublin's trial earlier this year the court heard how the guns, ammunition and drugs were found in an orange toolbox.

The metal toolbox came in to Bermuda as air freight in a DHL parcel service box.

It was addressed to a Terry Stevens at a Smith's address but Mr. Stevens had never ordered the parcel.

A Customs sniffer dog alerted officers to the parcel when it arrived at the airport on April 28, last year.

Narcotics officers removed the four handguns and the cannabis, along with 164 bullets that had been welded inside the legs of the box.

They then put it back in circulation and monitored its pick-up from DHL ten days later.

Judge Greaves said the court had a duty to impose a deterrent sentence that would help stamp out the illegal trade in guns.

He added: "In the present environment of Bermuda this case must cause substantial concern.

"There is no doubt that over the last two or three years there has been an incredible increase in gun possession and gun related violence.

"The public is in outrage. It appears over the last 11 years we have seen more gun related matters in the last two to three years than in the previous eight.

"The last gun related shooting incident occurred only this weekend in the very area which forms the subject matter of this case, somewhere in the vicinity of where this tool box was found.

"If this is the direction that our youth is intending on heading our problems have only just begun.

"These courts are duty bound to do their part in stemming and stamping out this unwelcome behaviour in our community.

"We must manifest our clear intolerance by making the consequences clear for those who break our laws. "

Dublin and two other men went on trial in August accused of drug smuggling and trying to import four firearms - a 9mm Glock, two revolvers and a handgun - and 170 rounds of ammunition in to Bermuda.

But just as the case was drawing to an end Dublin changed his story and admitted conspiracy to import firearms and ammunition as well as conspiracy to import drugs.

As a result his co-defendants, Arthur Vanlowe-Dill and Justin Calderon, were cleared of any involvement in the operation.

Yesterday Dublin of North Shore Road, Pembroke showed no emotion as he was sentenced.

When asked if he had anything to say he said "no."