Going, going, gone: Shelves were stripped bare at White’s this week at it prepared to close. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Going, going, gone: Shelves were stripped bare at White’s this week at it prepared to close. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, AUGUST 17: Bargain-hunting shoppers yesterday queued at a supermarket as it opened its doors for the last time.

Dozens of people waited outside White’s in Warwick, which has gone into liquidation as store assistants prepared to sell off the remaining stock at a huge discount.

One cashier — who asked not to be named — said: “I’ve worked here for four years. It’s sad because it’s a business that’s been here for a long time and now has to be closed.

“I loved working here — my body will think I have to come here every morning for a while. But I’ve got another job — God provides.”

Shopper Vera Sandy, from Warwick, said: “It’s painful – I used to shop here a lot. I feel quite nostalgic today. I hope someone takes it over because it’s really going to be a big miss for the community. People from all over Bermuda came here.”

Nurse Julie James, from Southampton, added: “I have shopped her for 20 years – they had a good dry goods section and their prices were always reasonable.

“My son used to come here sitting in the cart — now he’s 18. I’m just buying a few things we need – I’ve got a list but with just a few things on it.”

George Jackson, from Devonshire, said: “I shopped here now and then — it’s sad to see it close. I just picked up some chicken and turkey. It’s definitely going to be a loss to the community.”

Catherine Glawischnige, a riding instructor at the nearby Spicelands equestrian centre, said she and colleagues regularly visited the store to buy breakfast and lunch.

She  added: “I just got a phone call from a friend to tell me everything was on sale. It’s really sad. I thought it was doing better than it actually was. We used to come here regularly and we got to know the staff.”

Roderick Sims, of Warwick, said: “It’s sad what’s happened but that’s the way it goes with the economy and different things. All that’s left now is MarketPlace — it’s just a shame it went that way.”

Mr Sims added that he had taken advantage of the 50 per cent closing-down discounts to stock up on cleaning supplies for his boat. He said: “I was here yesterday and it was a madhouse – I just walked out, it was so busy.”

White & Sons Ltd was wound up last week following a court order.

Liquidators KMPG said earlier this week that it had been unable to find anyone prepared to take the store over as a going concern and confirmed that the staff would lose their jobs.

The two other White’s stores, Haywards, also in Warwick, and White’s at Southside, are also subjects of a winding-up petition by creditors.

The firm was founded in 1924 and employed a total of 85 people across its three stores.