THURSDAY, FEB. 9: A 28-year-old man today admitted stealing a bike and a cheque, and attempting to withdraw money from an account not belonging to him.

Jamel Nisbett, of Sandys, pleaded guilty to stealing a motorcycle belonging to Gladwin Walker on February 4 in Pembroke.

He also admitted stealing a Bank of Butterfield cheque belonging to Charles Rupert Smith, making false statements about the cheque made to him for $973, using the cheque to withdraw the money from Mr Smith’s account, knowing it was false and attempting to dishonestly obtain $973 from Bank of Butterfield all between a date unknown and January 18.

In the first matter, the court heard Mr Walker parked his Honda Air Blade outside his daughter’s home on Bandroom Lane in Pembroke on February 3.

The next morning, the daughter realised the bike was gone and called the police.

That same day, officers saw Nisbett riding the bike in Sandys and arrested him.

He told officers he took the bike from City Hall.

In the second matter, the court heard Mr Smith has a Bank of Butterfield checking account in his name and knows the defendant.

On January 18, Nisbett went to the Somerset Bank of Butterfield and approached the teller with a cheque.

It was written out to him for $973 from Mr Smith’s account.

The teller noticed there were insufficient funds in the account and her manager called Mr Smith who said he didn’t write a cheque out to Nisbett.

Police were called but the defendant left before they arrived.

He was arrested after police saw him riding a motorcycle.

The court heard Nisbett had been a participant of drug court and had a relapse.

The matter was adjourned to March 30 for sentencing.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner ordered reports and remanded him into custody.